Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What level of readers does the TTS address?
The TTS is designed to address the needs of struggling readers from Kindergarten through adult. Readers performing at or above expectation for their age or grade level do not need TTS.

2. When should I use TTS?
TTS should be used after the administration of the Diagnostic Assessments of Reading (DAR). Use a student’s DAR results to locate the appropriate TTS on this website. Simply print the strategy directions and materials, gather any ancillary materials, and meet with the student to try the strategies. As you and the student discuss which strategies are effective, you can plan how to incorporate these strategies in future instruction and class work.

3. If I select Enter DAR Results, do I need to enter results from ALL the subtests?
No, you should enter only the student’s DAR results in areas of concern—areas in which the student had difficulty or performed below expectation.

4. Do the TTS cards and picture sheets need to be printed in color?
No, the functionality of the materials is not affected by whether the materials are printed in color. The illustrations are designed to print clearly even if printed in black and white. You may wish to print items such as Word Cards on card stock to increase durability.

5. Which materials do I need in order to use TTS with my student?
You will need the directions for the strategy. Each strategy will have a link to the materials you need to download for that strategy. The strategy directions will indicate which additional materials (e.g., a dictionary) may be needed. If the lesson involves printed flash cards, you will need scissors to separate them and may wish to print them on card stock. In general, it will be useful to have writing implements and extra paper for you and your student.

6. How can I keep track of the TTS I used with my student?
A Summary Student Record Form is available to download on the main page under the "Forms" section.

7. Can I make photocopies of TTS materials? What am I allowed to do with TTS materials and website content?
Per the license agreement that all users must accept before receiving site access, you may print multiple copies and/or make photocopies for use with students in your organization.

You may not

  • Copy or e-mail any TTS content or materials to any third parties or
  • Resell any TTS content or materials for material gain.

8. Who do I contact to get support?
Contact PRO-ED Customer Support by email at